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Grow Your Conversion Rate 3x By Understanding Your Users

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Find Out If Screen Resolution Is Bleeding Your Sales

In this video, you’ll learn how to avoid our client’s mistake of bleeding her sales by 3x due to her call-to-action button disappearing when a visitors browser size was less […]

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Take 90 Minutes to Double Your Conversion Rate

For our clients what we do is like, every two weeks we set up a meeting with them and then basically have a presentation like this where we go […]

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Working with Clients – Watch out for Back-Seat Driving

“I really like ‘s website. Can you do a test using a design like theirs?”

“I read in an article that increases conversions. Can you set up that test please?”

Your […]

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Is Your Website Leaking? How Adding One Element to a Blog’s Sidebar Achieved a 82.14% Lift in Conversions

If you’re getting plenty of traffic but still not seeing sales, it usually means that your offer is not enticing enough to your visitors, or you’re getting the wrong type of […]

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70 Conversion Optimization Tools & Resources That You Should Know About

Here’s a list of tools and resources we’ve come across that will help you optimize your conversion rate. Let us know if we missed any!

Concept Testing

1. Markup

 70 Conversion Optimization Tools & Resources That You Should Know About

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How to Track Infusionsoft Sales With Google Analytics E-Commerce Tracking

Tracking Infusionsoft sales in Google Analytics is a bit trickier than it needs to be. Because of the fact that the Infusionsoft cart is hosted on a different domain, cookie values are not persisted through the checkout process. Also, they do not provide variables that provide order details on the thank you page. Therefore, there are really 2 things that need to be accomplished to solve this problem:

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Software: 100.4% Lift in Lead Conversion Rate

SecureView is an advanced mobile forensics tool used by government agencies world-wide such as the FBI, Secret Service, and police departments all around. They came to us with the goal of increasing the lead conversion rate.

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Education: 24.8% Lift in Course Browses by Increasing Credibility

With over 114,000 students, Social Media Marketing University is the largest educator online when it comes to social media marketing. Seeing as their ultimate vision is to educate as many people as possible in about how to market through social media, we partnered up so that we can help them accomplish that goal and maximize the amount of students enrolled. We recently ran a test for SMMU that resulted in a 22% lift in course browses and our goal with this test was to lift it even more.

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Weight Loss: How a Simple Call-to-Action Test Boosted Conversions by 33%

Primalite Nutrients provides high-quality Garcinia Cambogia to people who would like to lose weight. Garcinia Cambogia has been shown to be very effective at reducing weight and has gained lots of buzz ever since Dr. Oz featured the supplement on his show.

Primalite uses a 3-step funnel to convert customers, which looks something like this:

Article Page -> Landing Page -> Checkout Page

The article page is essentially an article located on a separate domain that reviews Primalite's effectiveness and then links users to the landing page. The goal is to generate 3rd-party credibility for their product, and increase the motivation of the visitor before sending them to the landing page.

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