How to Track Infusionsoft Sales With Google Analytics E-Commerce Tracking

Tracking Infusionsoft sales in Google Analytics is a bit trickier than it needs to be. Because of the fact that the Infusionsoft cart is hosted on a different domain, cookie values are not persisted through the checkout process. Also, they do not provide variables that provide order details on the thank you page. Therefore, there are really 2 things that need to be accomplished to solve this problem:

Lean Conversion Optimization: Strategies for Fast Implementation and Results

Recently I read The Lean Startup by Eric Ries – A popular book that many of you have probably read. At the core of his concept is the Build-Measure-Learn loop, which is exactly what Conversion Rate Optimization is about. For those who haven’t read it, the quick outline is this:

Increase Conversion Rates With Our Multistep Form [Free Plugin]

We've developed a simple plugin that transforms your form into a sliding multi-step form. It's extremely easy to implement and has had significant effect on conversion rates of experiments we've used it on.  Here's a demo of a form with a plugin installed:

Achieve Bigger Gains On Your Conversion Rate Optimization Experiments

So you’ve set up your A/B tests with a large amount of variations. You’re excited. You think to yourself, “With this many variations, there’s no doubt one of these variations will double my conversions!” You run the experiments, only to find that out of 20 variations, the winner only converted 8% higher. You’re dumbfounded and out of ideas.